Timeline - After Entering THS


February 9th, 20XX

  • 12:37 PM Kidd arrives at Terence High School. They tuck both guns into the back of their waistband and put on an oversized black hoodie to conceal them. Kidd then puts on their backpack, full of explosives, and makes their way to the student entrance of the high school. Kidd unlocks the gate using their student ID; a feature that has since been removed from the school. Kidd begins livestreaming on social media accounts from their cell phone.
  • 12:41 PM Kidd makes their way to classroom B18 and knocks on the door. As this is the classroom Kidd was meant to be present in at this time, the teacher, Ruby Herring, allows Kidd entry to the classroom without question. As Kidd enters the classroom, they close the door behind them and remove their backpack. They retrieve their pre-loaded AK47 from their waistband. Kidd attaches their cell phone to the gun with a homemade mount and fires 3 fatal shots at Herring's head. Kidd then directs their attention to the eleven students present inside of classroom B18. Kidd fires fifteen rounds in the general direction of the students. Two bullets strike Cherry Jubilee through her neck and upper forehead, killing her instantly. Bullets strike Charles Emmanuel, Peach Lawrence, Coal Nelson, Bone Volkov, Molly Wolfe, Dice Reyez, Ally Mann, and Crow Mill, wounding them.
  • 12:42 PM Kidd returns to the school hallway and attemps to open the locked door to classroom B20 and fails. Kidd then attempts to open the door to classroom B21 to no effect. They return to the door of classroom B20 and fires a round with the AK47 into the glass window. The glass shards injure Needle Hoffman, who was sheltering closest to the door. Kidd retrieves a pipe bomb from their backpack and ingites it with a matchbox from their front pants pocket. Kidd throws this pipe bomb through the broken window into classroom B20. It does not detonate.
  • 12:43 PM Kidd returns to classroom B21 and breaks the glass window in a similar fashion. They ignite and throw a second pipe bomb into classroom B21, which also fails to detonate. Kidd repeats this process with classroom B22, this time with success. The homemade explosive detonates inside of the classroom, wounding Wire Hodge, Moth DeMew, Sara Law, Gecko Vie, Dan Blue, Razor Bird, Misty Field, Ned Word, Lacey Pink, Mic Ramone, Flower Potts, Time Zonei, and Herb Wood. Kidd follows the same steps and throws the last pipe bomb into classroom B23, which once again fails to detonate.
  • 12:44 PM Kidd leaves the AK47 outside of classroom B23 and retrieves the pump-action shotgun. They return to classroom B18 accross the hall and begin firing at the students inside once again. In an apparent attempt to maximize casualties, Kidd fires at each student's head individually. Jay Pearson, Coal Nelson, Peach Lawrence, Molly Wolfe, Dice Reyez, Ally Mann, Crow Mill die instantly. Charles Emmanuel and Bone Volkov die of their wounds before aid can arrive. According to the one surviving student of the classroom, Mouse Davis, Kidd taunted and insulted the victims as they fired.
  • 12:47 PM Kidd reloads their shotgun with an additional ten rounds. They fire at Davis, wounding them.
  • 12: 48 PM Law enforcement arrives at Terence High School and begins entering the building. Kidd fires eight rounds at random into the bodies of the students in B18 before leaving the classroom.
  • 12:49 PM Kidd positions their still-livestreaming cell phone infront of the hallway lockers and sits accross from it. Kidd places the barrel of the Remington into their mouth and fires, dying instantly.
  • 12:50 PM Law enforcement begins evacuating Terence High School and sweeping the area.