Timeline - Before Entering THS


February 8th, 20XX

  • 3:00-5:00 PM Kidd unlocks gun safe located in the garage of their Oregon home and retrieves an illegally modified Remington Model 10 and a VSKA Tactical AK47 as well as two cases of 39mm bullets and fart fart fart fart. These firearms are then hidden in a box located underneath Kidd's bed.

February 9th, 20XX

  • 5:29 AM Kidd enters the master bedroom where Jane and John Kidd lay asleep. Ghost fires a shot from the Model 10 at John Kidd, fatally striking him in the right eye. Ghost then turns their attention to the now awake Jane Kidd, firing a fatal shot at her chest.
  • 5:30 AM Gray Kidd awakes from the noise and makes her way down the main hallway at the same time Ghost exits the master bedroom. Gray spots Ghost at the end of the hallway and turns around to flee to her bedroom. Ghost fires another shot from the Model 10, which hits Gray in the upper back. This hit is not immediately fatal.
  • 5:32 AM Ghost Kidd retrieves their cell phone from their bedroom and takes photos with the bodies of Jane and John Kidd.
  • 5:36 AM Ghost takes photos with Gray Kidd, who is dying of acute pulmonary edema. Evidence suggests Ghost was aware Gray was still alive at this time.
  • 5:41 AM Gray Kidd succumbs to her injuries.
  • 5:42 AM-11:34 AM Ghost remains inside of the family home. Their social media accounts show login activity and various posts made by Kidd during this time. Several cuts are self inflicted sporadically on Kidd's left and right arms, both thighs, stomach, chest, and neck. The deeper cuts were bandaged by Kidd, possibly to avoid potential interruptions from pain and bleeding during the massacre.
  • 11:35 AM Kidd places four homemade pipe bombs and the previously collected bullets into their school backpack. The exact date of these bombs construction is unknown. Kidd carries this backpack along with the Remington Model 10 and VSKA Tactical AK47 to their 2005 VW Bug parked in the garage.
  • 11:37 AM Kidd records a video of themselves in the drivers seat using their cell phone.
  • 11:55 AM Kidd begins driving to Terence High School.
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